Full car wrap

Full wraps Starting at 2K for any Sedan or Coupe. (Prices may vary for larger Vehicles)

At Wrap Mogul, we only use top brands such as 3M™ and Avery™ for all your vinyl and paint protection wrap needs. All services are installed by our team of skilled installers to give you peace of mind. No bubbles. No peeling. Consider It Wrapped!


Chrome Premium vinyl Wraps

Chrome Premium Wraps Starting at $2999.99 for any Sedan or Coupe. (Prices may vary for larger vehicles)

Chrome and Premium textures include:


Interior Wrap

Did you know we wrap interiors?  

Don't like your wood grain? 

Wrap your interior in different types of carbon fiber, black gloss, satin black and many different types of selective vinyl of your choice.  Even custom design vinyl, now with our High Tech printers we can design any design of your choice, In house graphic designer.

Call us for the best prices and same day service on your vinyl wraps.

***Pricing may vary based on size and difficulty.  Some restrictions apply. Please call for an estimate.***