Brake Caliper Painting

As the size of custom wheels continues to grow and with modern, sleek styling featuring fewer spokes or other wide open designs, your vehicle's brake parts are standing out like never before.  Unfortunately, brake calipers and rotors are generally created for function and not form; to perform but not be seen.  What do you do when ugly brake are shiny?  Accentuate your style by painting your brake calipers and rotors.  
If custom wheels are the ultimate accessory for your vehicle, partial brake calipers are the added twice of color that attract the eye and properly highlight the style of your rims.  At Wrap Mogul we can paint your brake parts and provide your ride with a classy, alluring touch of color. Choose an aggressive red, yellow or more unconventional colors to add a sophistication and make your wheels really pop.  Or black out your break in matte or glossy finish, for a more refined, tough, look and let your wheel speak for themselves.

taillight tinting


 Tinted or smoked taillights can help balance the look of a car with tinted windows, producing a clean, stylish appearance for the whole vehicle.   Tone down the plastic reflector whites, oranges, and red that are throwing off your vehicle's color palette and ruining your style.  Taillight tinting can also cut down on the "Christmas tree" effects of modern high intensity LED light, which can create overly bright, garish lines or patterns whenever you apply the breaks.  Extra dark tint will match a black car, for a uniform look on a black car or truck.  Or emphasize the contrast with darkened taillight against a white or lighter color car to create your own unique statement.
Tinting your taillight with film involves professionally applying film tint to your taillight, similar to how windows are tinted.  With 4 darkness options for film tinting your taillights: light, medium, dark or extra dark, it's easy to match your taillight tint to the tint on your windows.  The benefit of using film tint is that you can easily remove the tint in the future, if so desire.


dip your wheels


Want great looking wheels or change the look of your emblem?  Plasti Dip is a great way to give your vehicle a brand new look.  Colors available:

  • Black Matte

  • Red Matte

  • White Matte

  • Gun Metal

  • Metallic Gold

  • Gray Matte

  • Metallic Copper

  • Metallic Red

  • Metallic Green

Gloss on any color